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Pep Williams Shoot Inside a California State Prison

Pep Williams, recently shot a project with the help of Leica called “Out of Bounds.” I’m one of the few photographers allowed to shoot inside a California state prison. "I also did something never done before: because I’m a former pro skateboarder, I was able to bring skateboards into the prison for the inmates to skate. It was a truly amazing experience." Said Pep.

" I’ve always wanted to shoot inside a prison but I never knew how to approach it. I sent letters for years and years, but nothing. One thing I’m known for, however, is my patience and persistence, so 4 years later I found a way. My friend Dennis Martinez speaks at prisons all over the world, so I asked him and he made it happen. I was completely blown away. What Dennis also made possible was being able to bring the skateboards into the prison.

Check the rest of the story at https://petapixel.com/2018/04/04/i-shot-photos-inside-a-california-state-prison/


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