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pep williams

Hailing from South Central,  Los Angeles ,  Pep Williams started his journey in skateboarding in 1975, getting his first board from his sister.  He soon made the pilgrimage to Venice and quickly made fans, one of them Jay Adams, who took Pep under his wing made a name for himself, among the legends at the Venice Pavilion. 

The 3rd generation Dogtown skater, Pep Williams as carved a well respected place for himself in the skateboard industry and and  still tours with Suicidal Tendencies.     


​William's extensive body of work juxtaposes the glamorous and gritty planes of Los Angeles street culture, featuring portraits of famous athletes, celebrities and musicians as well as urban, gang, and tattoo counterculture lifestyles.  He recently shot a project with the help of Leica called “Out of Bounds.” Pep was one of the few photographers allowed to shoot inside a California state prison. Pep says, "I did something never done before: because I’m a former pro skateboarder, I was able to bring skateboards into the prison for the inmates to skate. It was a truly amazing experience." Pep's work as been featured from Brazil, Germany, Australia, Canada, UK, Japan, and of course the The States.


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